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Find out why you should be a part of the UK’s most innovative and challenging schools debating competition.


Debating can be a great way of allowing your students to engage with a broad range of social, scientific and ethical issues that society faces today. If your school is not already involved in schools debating, find out why you should be.


Debating Matters offers the chance to engage with your students outside of the formal setting of the classroom and get them thinking about some serious contemporary issues. Whether your school has a tradition of debating or not, consider taking part!


Debating Matters believes that young people are intelligent and robust enough to have their ideas held up to critical scrutiny by adults, and tough enough to defend their ideas. Are you up to the challenge?


Debating Matters judges are encouraged to be bold and challenging with the young people they’ll meet, offering praise and criticism where it is due. The competition offers serious intellectual interaction between young people and adults – would you like to be a Debating Matters judge?


Debating Matters is funded and supported by many organisations, in many different ways. But we always need more support. Find out how you can help.